Sunday, 5 February 2017

LAWuN - Bsix, Toad Update & vision


> An update on my week-to-be.
I'm expecting some fabric to arrive by courier on Monday, maybe Tuesday, and need to do a lot of pattern-cutting (projector in room 37FFF as you saw me before) and then I can move into tswn1g's Tues/Weds with the sewing machine, I'll set up base tomorrow in any case.
I've booked North Jury Room adjoining tswn1g's for Tuesday too.

The place where no one goes . ..06-02-17
Vision is a dirty word .
Discussion with films by DRL students and others from across the AA .
Evening Standard 02-02-17 regarding "... spectacular £ landmark at North Greenwich ....."
".........Developers commissioned Spanish born "visionary " Santiago Calatrava to design what they call the St Pancras of the underground ..... "
 O2 station gets the rock star treatment from a top star architect
Looking forward to a good discussion .

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