Monday, 9 October 2017

AALAWuN Channel Pavilion - meet

AALAWuN channel pavilion
 (first 2017/2018) meeting Friday 6th October 2017

subjects/proposals discussed:

Flower Show ( arranged, displayed ) - Sean and Pati

Bring flowers into the AA work / small individual & bigger collective arrangements ( perhaps sculptures?) formal and political structures placed around the school as points of discussion/conversation triggers.
I like the idea because it sound totally unpromising – David Greene
To be discussed further at next meeting. (TBDFANM)

Short walks – Andreea (tutors do a ‘field trip’ in the city- Ryan)
As so much unit work is aimed at sights outside central London, hold informal walks lead by tutors or students perhaps pointing out favourite/most ugly building etc – engaged in the context of London.

Staff Crits – Theo, Jumanah

crits/jury with tutors. Open to all students to perhaps prize open a different kind of debate between students and staff. Also interesting to hear a tutor give a brief biography.
NB: Important that students set the rules for inviting the tutors proposals for this to be discussed at next meeting.
- a list of 5 names of possible tutors to invite were made by the students attending, most requested names will be presented at next meeting.

Pavilion – Fai, Esther and Lior Ramon - inter 10
proposal that their pavilion accommodates LAWuN activities in some way – crits/flower show/presentations etc?

Other subjects raised:

Bar - A case should be made for the Bar Walls to be the domain of the students for a rolling, constantly changing cycle of information, opinion and work. LAWuN will check availability beginning in December after current exhibition.

Pub Quiz – Architectural Pub Quiz planned for just before Christmas.... Teams/Questions/ Decoration

Publication Worksop – One day intensive workshop on drawing up, compiling and editing a Channel Pavilion newspaper.- some questions and student concerns to be addressed: Is and if so, how is Community understood beyond the now? What I want/what I do – want and legacy. Experimentation, is it still relevant at the AA , The Unit System. What are the wider implications of being unassessed?

Hooke Park Visit : LAWuN is planning a day visit to the site in the next month – Martin Self and Staff will give us a tour of the whole site – not just the workshop area. Put down your power tools it's time for flora fauna and forest

Scrap Books : important request that all interested feel free to add to the scrap book located in channel pavilion room – next to Dip13 graduate corridor . This will be a big part of the Channel Pavilion project so the more cross sections of opinion, question and design from across the school and beyond, the better.

NB – Please note due to Lunchtime series of lectures our meeting has been put back to 1:30pm -Fri 13th Oct.
Please meet then in Channel Pavilion HQ – Next to Dip 13 Graduate corridor.


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