Wednesday, 11 November 2020

AALAWuN manifest07 AAmothership


manifest07 AAmothership


eddit also available here on BitChute

With thanks to Luisa Pires, Shin Egashira, Hiroaki Yamone, Riad Yassine, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Daniel Koruma,  Hannah from SED Graduate Programme, Sheer Gritzerstein, Yoav Carmon, Shatanik Mandal, Mu from Diploma 4, Aibee from SED Graduate Programme, George from PHD Programme, Ilia Var,  Aditi from Housing Graduate Programme, Daria Nepop,  Tamir Aharoni, Rozhana Azra, Toby Chai and Dino....

Here is the recording of the rooms. I did it in the bathroom at Liverpool Street hope it is ok... It is quieter than the station... Let me know if you want a different recording. Best luisa 


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