Thursday 12 January 2017


January 13th
BAR Occupation 
LAWuN for an  Exchange of ideas and tactics for term 2 
In order to progress your own work and
The opportunity to discuss ideas beyond the 
Agendas of  the Unit syatem 
AALAWuN  Eddie and David

Monday 9 January 2017

AALAWuN 2017

(Thoughts or suggestions as to a possible course of action with regard to the design of a potential 
AA Graduation Ceremony )
In other words an Idea . 
G    R    A    D    U    A    T    I    O    N                                  C    E    R    E    M    O    N    Y
Location ?
Time ; Construction 48 hours .. Presence ,,, 24 hours , de-construction 24 hours 
Possible Bill of Quantities. 
? number podiums/stages with ?no.  chairs .
? no. lecterns 
? no  of named chairs for staff
? hundred chairs for visitors 
? video streaming cameras 
? podcast 
? hundred students presented  with diplomas, MA’s etc.  at the speed of 3 each minute 
? no. special prizes   2 each minute 
? no speeches of 5 minutes each 
? no. champagne bars . 
? no. strawberry  bowls 
? no 6 hour tables for 100 staff lunches on 2 days 
? no security passes 
? no. waiters and security  persons