Tuesday 15 December 2020

AALAWuN manifest012 AAmothership

 manifest012  AAmothership 

eddit also available here on BitChute

  with thanks to Leslaw Skrzypiec, Colin Prendergast, Rozhana Azra Bahsoon, Mariusz Stawiarski, Gregory Korcel, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Spike Chen, Damnoen Techamai, Syed Waji, Daniel Koruma, Urzula Paszuk, Martynas Vinksna, Mykola Turyanskyy Sabrina Blakstad, Leo Sun, Barbara studzinska-Baronowska, Omar Zahid, Nicholas Day, Anita Pfauntsch, Nicole Studzinska, Photios Demetriou, Ryan Darius



The ‘Transparency Bird’ absorbs every colour, 

absorbing all. This is the last known sketch of one in  the wild”      

Captain Byron J B Blakeley


We're all very excited to see it going live for all to see.

FMR windows done.

best wishes Leszek

Monday 7 December 2020

AALAWuN manifest011 AAmothership

manifest011 AAmothership 


eddit also available here on BitChute

 with thanks to Leslaw Skrzypiec, Elisa Commanay, Colin Prendergast, Mariusz Stawiarski, Gregory Korcel, Tamir Aharoni, Maciej Korak, Sinan Asdar, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Ilia Var, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Noisydog, Spike Chen, Damnoen Techamai, Syed Waji, Daniel Koruma, Yoav Carmon, Urzula Paszuk, Martynas Vinksna, Mykola Turyanskyy, Leo Sun



Tuesday 1 December 2020

AALAWuN manifest010 AAmothership


manifest010 AAmothership

eddit also available here on BitChute

with thanks to Takako Hasegawa, Leticia Dadalto, Nour Hamade Philip Gharios, Rashad Fakhouri, Shatanik Mandal, Mariusz Stawiarski, Gregory Korcel, Maciej Korak, Anya Glick, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Spike Chen, Damnoen Techamai, Syed Waji, Daniel Koruma




Wednesday 25 November 2020

AALAWuN manifest 09 AAmothership

manifest 09 AAmothership

eddit also available here on BitChute

with thanks to Quentin Martin, Yijun Huang, Sabrina Blakstad, Photios Demetriou, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Daniel Koruma, Roberta Jenkins, Syed Waji, Chonk, Roman and Philip(Dip9) ,Tamir Aharoni, Leo (Dip14), Ilia Var, Zhuo Chen, Damnoen Techamai, Sharif and Khalad (Dip13)  


Perhaps one should try to imagine a glass exchange … the Farnsworth House with its walls in stained glass and Kings College Chapel with Mies’s planar glazing .

Did those impoverished modernists only see glass as a way of erasing architecture .. to reduce the building to eventually little more than a reflection and  with mirror glass a literal reflection  .

Others knowing that life is just a cloud wanted architecture to be more that a mist on an autumn  morning . Something to resist the nature of a fleeting life , architecture as a form of resistance ?

Our screens shine at us , yet the colours are opaque .

But the sun shines on us through the glass .

The stained glass window of the cathedral does not allow us to look out it suggests we look in wards . The colours of the glass have complex symbolic meanings . They can be read in a very literal sense and their colours unlike the colors on our screens have a very physical presence .

Can we imagine the windows of the AA in stained glass then imagine them dissolved by planar glazing ? Or constantly changing coulored glass images on the occupants projected by the sun on the AA's white walls ? 

The colurs of the glass compete with the colours on your screen b ut the one shines on you and the other at you ?


Tuesday 17 November 2020

AALAWuN manifest08 AAmothership


 manifest08 AAmothership


eddit also available here on BitChute

with thanks to Samy Hedin, Rozhana Azra, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Luisa Pires, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Daniel Koruma, Yoav Carmon, Daria Nepop, Danya Gittler, Sabrina Blakstad, Gary Woodley, Syed Waji, Natalia Charogianni and Aretousa,
Ziyi Yaun (dip7), Charles Dib, Roman,Roman&Ting (dip9), Daphna (ex16 3rd year)


Dear Mothership, 

I have sent you a Leaf Letter…. and it should be on its way to you. I originally planned to send it via Postman Robin, as Little Grey Rabbit, Hare and Squirrel always do. But, not finding any good oak-leaves, I am using plane leaves, which seem too big and unwieldy for Postman Robin to deliver. So, as you can see, I put it in my high street post box. I trust the Royal Mail will deliver it to you safely?

Best wishes, Sabrina





Wednesday 11 November 2020

AALAWuN manifest07 AAmothership


manifest07 AAmothership


eddit also available here on BitChute

With thanks to Luisa Pires, Shin Egashira, Hiroaki Yamone, Riad Yassine, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Daniel Koruma,  Hannah from SED Graduate Programme, Sheer Gritzerstein, Yoav Carmon, Shatanik Mandal, Mu from Diploma 4, Aibee from SED Graduate Programme, George from PHD Programme, Ilia Var,  Aditi from Housing Graduate Programme, Daria Nepop,  Tamir Aharoni, Rozhana Azra, Toby Chai and Dino....

Here is the recording of the rooms. I did it in the bathroom at Liverpool Street hope it is ok... It is quieter than the station... Let me know if you want a different recording. Best luisa 


Tuesday 3 November 2020

AALAWuN manifest06 AAmothership

 manifest06 AAmothership


eddit also available here on BitChute 

with thanks to Toby Chai and Dinosaur, Roberta Jenkins and Ernest, Rozhana Azra, Natalia Charogianni, Aretousa and Filoumeni, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Kacper Stawiarski, Damnoen Techamai, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Luisa Pires, Daniel Koruma, Maciej Koprak, Anita Pfautsch, Spike Chen, Michael Wedgwood, Shin Egashira, Dariya Nepop, Ana Chantarasak, Quentin Martin



I always wondered, what is the world, what constitutes the world?

There is no definition of what that is:

is it like human society

is it like the universe

is it planet earth

what is the world?

It is the most abstract thing ever.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

AALAWuN manifest05 AAmothership

manifest05 AAmothership 


eddit also available here on BitChute

with thanks to Sabrina Blakstad, Max Blackstad, ( words & songs Ivor Cutler - Uncle Ivor) Dariya Nepop, Yoav Carmon, Sheer Gritzerstein, Matilda Wedgwood, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Camille Bongard, Matis Barollier , C├ęsar Jucker, Leszek Leszczynski.



You are the centre of your little world and I am of mine.
Now and again we meet for tea, we're two of a kind.

This is our universe, cups of tea.

We have a beautiful cosmos, you and me.
We have a beautiful cosmos.

                                                                     Ivor Cutler



Tuesday 20 October 2020

AALAWuN manifest04 AAmothership

 with thanks to Jumana Bawazir, Andreea Vasilcin, Vivian Olawepo, Sabrina Blackstad, Byron Blakeley, Natalia Charogianni, Aretousa and filoumeni, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Isabel Hardingham



The Inhabitants secluded from the main structure of the World 

greet the unexpected guests and foliage with joy

                                                                                            Captain Byron J B Blakeley




Monday 12 October 2020

AALAWuN manifest03 AAmothership

eddit also available here on BitChute
LAWuNmothership 08.10.2020 with Ryan Dillon, Sabrina Blakstad, 
Gary Woodley special thanks to Byron Blakeley, Roberta Jenkins 
Ebere Nwosu and Hiroe Shigemitsu
As the LAWuN Holiday Pier dissolves the intrepid explorer’s continue on beneath the ocean towards an unknown destination. The New Machine, The Submarine sends the InHabitants forward, seeming to understand what it is to be, “As Above, So Below”. 


Monday 5 October 2020

AALAWuN manifest02 AAmothership


eddit also available here on BitChute

with Roberta Jenkins, Oliver Long and Spike Chen 

 special thanks to Byron Blakeley for drawing and text:

        the brand new fun palace 

     thank you to all AA technical and security staff. 


‘The New Fun Palace’

The Machines, good or bad, excepting every mind from which they draw their power supply, unknowingly from the human guests on recreation, pictured in Hawaiian shirts and shorts, holding the gaming chips in hand, excited among the flashing lights, which entice the players. The creaking wooden planks with the smell of salt water drifting with the corroding metal wires. They enter along the wooden pier into a circus of lights, a canopy of beeps, flashing colours, unveiling The Machines, layered in such a way to confuse The Inhabitants .The plan to enable access to as much from every mind, in order to make the new material for the ever expanding pier, as far into the sea as can be conceived by mechanical minds.

Designs for the ever expanding pier are compiled from the collected minds of the Inhabitants and correlated by The Machines. Using the corroding metal together they make new structures into the sea with no means to fight the rust, it is a pointless task with an inevitable end but possessive, a desire for growth without thought.

Each new Arcade possess new Machines that can drain different, specific minds in order to replenish itself and stay alive within the sea. So the Inhabitants drift along the piers becoming caught by The Machine most suitable.

So far it stretches 9.5 miles into the Sea with 31 different Arcades, with 3,453 Inhabitants, 24 Buffets, 22 Bars, 4 Hotels and no exits. The Inhabitants are kept, with Oxygen pumped through the air ways in a labyrinthine layout and laced with chemicals. The existence is that of a Cruise Ship, The Machines and surroundings indoctrinate, leaving you unaware of time, place, setting. Meshed into one great painting of illusion and colour.

As the pier columns erode, crumble and The Machines fall gently into the Sea, awakening the intoxicated Inhabitants. It reached too far, it slowly crumbles as the eroded wires and the ancient wood collapses. Colourful Banners drift into the sea and token chips are eaten by fish.

All that remains today is the entrance gate with the logo ‘The New Fun Palace’, with an old man fishing off the remnants of the pier, catching his dinner.

Byron Blakeley for L.A.W.u.N




AALAWuN 2020



Tuesday 22 September 2020

Saturday 12 September 2020

AA Flies 02

layout done
Damnoen Tachamai, Spike Chen, Rozhana Azra
drawing Rozhana Azra


Thursday 10 September 2020

AALAWuN agm 08.09.2020

                                              cognitive diversity


 eddit also available here on Bitchute


A few comments

The AA Files cover was designed by Antonio Lagarto (Nigel’s then partner)

 not Nigel


You are right about Alvin’s view of council David


I don’t think its fair to say he ‘hated’ Leon Krier – I don’t think he hated anyone within the AA – he reserved his venom for Council.


Martin Pawley also wrote about Garbage Housing


Jim Monahan was also super involved with Covent Garden – for a much longer time than Brian


...Work in progress always interesting.. And thanks Nicholas , I tend to shoot from the hip and am  often in trouble for this .but I think your comments add a lot .. .. I owe a lot to your father , he told me I  was unemployable but employed me anyway  ! The Pawley book I was trying to remember was 'Terminal Architecture ' .. Great title ! ....



....Antonio Lagarto was charged with designing the first issue, through vicinity or otherwise, my article on behaviour in nightclubs was the first story in Issue 1: New Clubs at Large. This drawing was part of a pertinent project, The Night lives of the Artists, which was set theoretically speaking in the Piazzale degli Uffizi. I’d have to look back at what illustrated my story but it could very well have included this one and it might have made a better cover illustration than what actually got printed. 
Could have, would have. I’m proud to have the first story ever in Files.  

                                                                                                                                      Nigel Coates 07.09.2020