Sunday 31 May 2020


LAWuNline ROSE&SWAN[info]PuB

Swan and Rose film footage- Lizzie Greene.
 audio - Piers Corbyn addressing speakers corner Hyde Park London 30.05.2020

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Saturday 30 May 2020

AALAWuN billion100

LAWuNline INcreasingly[DIRE]straightsINFO

 with Sally Stott : film footage

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Friday 29 May 2020



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...............invitation  to do a short presentation at a half-day symposium on the future of architectural education on Friday, 29 May from 3-7pm.

Titled Urgent Futures: Architectural Education in 2025 - the symposium invites different voices from across the school to contribute their ideas to shape the future of a world that needs new referents about the social, political, technological, and material agency that architects are able to produce within the designed environment and to reflect about the fundamental aspects of architectural education from the History & Theory curriculum to the making of buildings, while identifying new areas of design and speculation about the near and urgent future.................

Dear Manijeh , thanks for the invitation to Urgent Futures
However LAWuN appreciates any interest in ITS work and perhaps the AA is the only school that would give it ‘home ‘ ALIVE OR DEAD
The original description of AALAWuN’s tasks was made in 2016 and is available on blog ?
Trouble is when I hear that title "A symposium on the Future Of architectural education " the heart sinks I just reach for a gun ! 
Breaking News , the AA has decided that it no longer  defines  or experiments with the future of architectural education and indeed architecture, and indeed the protocols of education through the work of its students and tutors , it needs  a symposium to do this . ! TAKE A LEAF FROM THE MICKEY ROONEY AND JUDY GARLAND STRIKE UP THE BAND FILM - THEY DIDN’T WAIT ON A SYMPOSIUM TO DO SOMETHING THEY WOULD JUST DO THE SHOW THERE AND THEN; HERE AND NOW!

It was interesting to hear Paul Smith being very nostalgic  on the
radio about the old days when he used to say to me he was the Archigram of British Fashion .. he was now regretting the loss of the seasonal fashion shows ..... spring , autumn etc coinciding with the moon and tides ...sorry Paul you’ve lost it !
But now ..
It's every 2 weeks a new idea ... from anywhere on the planet .. 
Time and location screwed , rearranged by 4g ,5 g  ? 

So perhaps the AA should take a hint from this new normal  fashion  timetable ? 
Timetables are yesterday.
Where you are  matters ? 
Assessment , by whom and in whose interest ? 
A new vocabulary is needed .
No matter how often you weigh the pig it wont make it any fatter
Academic calendars are an  anchronism  ( who said a degree  took 3 years ) 
Tutors are
The planet is a university 
What do we need the university for ???
Definitely not for data , maybe information , tutors not teachers . 


Unless that is 5 g  and its planetary infrastructure get demolished by war or ?  
AALAWuN in 19// campaigned for a Moratorium on Building 
Big failure
Mark Fisher used to Taunt me ... " still a lot of a lot of  new building David !' 
Nevertheless suddenly the question is forgrounded by what are buildings , why do we need them ?
AA , divest yourself of all that property , think about other strategies .
We luckily do not know the future , But we can attempt to understand the present .
McLuhan warned us the present is the most difficult project , like the fish  we cannot see the environment  we swim in .
New technology does not replace the previous technology , but it does change its meaning
However AA do not gaze into the narcissitic  world of architectrural education , look beyond IS THIS BEYOND ANYTHING OR A POLITICALLY ENFORCED IMPOSITION ? to the global implications of a new normal ? NEW NONSENSE
Think about  Hakim Bey's plea to the world's students , "organise a strike in your school on the grounds that it does not satisfy your need for indolence and spiritual beauty ",
Indolence as a power tool perhaps is that the educational  future realeased by 5g 
You ask about the Invisible university , Like LAWuN it is more a question , and one that has now been made a reality by the covid lockdown
The Tutorials we hld in Zetters Hotel bar in 19? And the first staff meeting in regents P:ark 2004/5?? Are now a reality , zoom and its family are crude but as a tool it will transform how we learn and teach .
Urgent Presents are the issue .
Constant looking in the rear view mirror cause bad crashes , stay alert !
Keep your battery charged .

why don't we do the show right here!

Thursday 28 May 2020

AALAWuN pigeon maintenance + magpie

LAWuNline pigeonmaintenanceTTi[INFO]

 info supplied by Sean Gwee

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Wednesday 27 May 2020


LAWuNline track&trace[INFO]

 with Filoumeni, Natalia and Bryan Parsons - audio news from radio

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Tuesday 26 May 2020

Monday 25 May 2020


LAWuNline Giraffe[info]inacaR

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...Keep the park alive, 
the proximity and closeness of 
the giraffes to the cars and bikes 
is a precious urban condition... 


Sunday 24 May 2020

Saturday 23 May 2020

AALAWuN overgrown path

LAWuNline infoVIA[janacek]

 film and soundtrack Aretousa and Natalia Charogianni

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Friday 22 May 2020


LAWuNline uNPRCEDENTED[info]prettyMuCH

film and images: Damnoen Techamai. audio - radio news

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Thursday 21 May 2020


LAWuNline brinGITon![INFO]

 edit and music: Aretousa & Natalia Charogianni
 audio from radio news

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Wednesday 20 May 2020


LAWuNline reSIStanceiSUS[info]

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Tuesday 19 May 2020

AALAWuN pigeon x 2M

AALAWuN Gizza' job![INFO]

 film and music Aretousa and Natalia Charogianni

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Sunday 17 May 2020

AALAWuN distance

LAWuNline dontbepersistantpleasekeepyoUrdistanceyoUknowmyresistanceislow


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 You learn in the military that estimating distance correctly, small or large, is very important when you want to shoot someone or some thing or as a designer you want design something like a garden ,a building or a vacuum cleaner .

But now the intelligent use of the brain and the eye and the measuring tape have been replaced , or perhaps augmented is a better word , by military technology so now shut down your imagination and get out your rangefinder whether   laserlidarradarsonar or ultrasonic 

Important aside : Does Eames’s beautiful visual poem ‘Powers of Ten’ say all there is the say about distance or does the film ‘Vanishing Point’ say it in a different way where distance and time are intertwined ( Of course ) ,or, distance and feelings collide , as in the song which pleads .. ‘please keep your distance ,my resistance is low ‘ ,

Before this ramble goes any further onto the distance in the landscape we have to apply a little discipline ,( or rigour that word so loved by tutors .) 


Think Architects .. Corb always had a tape with him .when he found something beautiful , a stair or a room he would measure it and then see these measurements as a tool,( to ensure beauty? )

His ‘theory’ if that is the right word is embodied in Modular Man , a stew of the Golden Ratio, Vitruvian man , Alberti , the Fibonacci series.

image Louisa Pires 

He described it as a ‘ range of harmonious measurements to suit the human scale , universally applicable to architecture and to mechanical things “

Where is the ultrasonic rangefinder is this quest for this perfection?

Would it have helped Corb in his quest to see harmony in design ?

Do we have a question of our time , if I say I don’t love you , would you rather I tell you in text or a letter ? 

So ,would you design the distance between the columns by radar or your imagination and a desire for harmony ? 

So is distance for an architect always a matter of function and beauty at the same time ?

Not that this banal question or matters of proportion and thus distance are usually a topic of debate in schools of architecture .. to be discussed ? 

Sorry Corb , we don’t like Modular Man, where is Modular Woman or Modular LGBT We prefer the management vocabulary of Graphic Standards and Parker Morris to tell us our distances , economic distances , numbers, cost of distances and space usage and all their progeny in apps and computer programmes ….not feelings that might say , this is about the right size , height , length and width/

But couched in the language of measurement . of time and space .


Managed distance regulations , the necessity for a guarantee ? 

Or ? 

It is common for distance to be assumed as numbers ,but the estimation of distance is more romantic in its imprecision , more demanding . 

It was 1951 , Hoagy Carmichael was writing ‘My resistance is Low’ and Corb had started work on Chandigarh , both poets but in different media but sharing a word , distance and its journey to the heart .

I need to measure this distance Hoagy . How ?

Is there an app or a rangefinder other than a smile or tears or both at the same time Today Hoagy you would be a distance of 27 jet hours from Corbs creation ,or 11,500 km .

Do these distance numbers tell you anything about his concrete poem or your lyrics Hoagy? .. But you were both obsessed by distance in your own ways , .. “The Nearness of you “ Hoagy thought that Keith Richards made the best version of this song , I wonder what Corb would have made of nearness as an architectural dimension or distance ?

Saturday 16 May 2020

Friday 15 May 2020

AALAWuN t.t.tracking

LAWuNline SEEitSAYitTRACKed[info]


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Thursday 14 May 2020

AALAWuN [a]parakeets

LAWuNline apairofPARA[medics]info

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Wednesday 13 May 2020

AALAWuN [oh]starling

LAWuNline overhead[tracking]INFO 

music & text: Aretousa with Natalia Charogianni

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Tuesday 12 May 2020

AALAWuN architects of.......

LAWuNline YOu'REleaving![info]
hostile takeover special

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 Jet Greene - drawing

Monday 11 May 2020

AALAWuN [slightof]hand

LAWuNline [even]DOuBT[isin]DOuBT[info]

Selim Halulu: Film.      audio from radio

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Sunday 10 May 2020

AALAWuN swan report

          LAWuNline didMark[goto]Bavaria? {research info}

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Swan Report 05-20

Air channel IU

Notes from the meeting of 7th May 20

Apologies for absence absent . 

Item 1


Sidney Opera House/

Watching the elegance of the swans in the lower pond on the Heath gave rise to pondering on Sydney Opera House. Utzon’s early sketches show him to be influenced by nature and in particular birds

It was agreed that the Heath Swan is a floating flying opera house .

(consider maybe swan outside but its feathers and inspiration denied for its interior , one can only imagine what might have been? )

Item 2


people who can own and eat swans

the ownership of swans in the Thames is shared equally among the Crown, the Vintners' Company and the Dyers' Company. The monarch is the only person allowed to eat Swans .

Swanupping , Swan census (see Stanley Spencer)



Automata, NeuSchwanstein/

As a beautiful creature the swan as a super-duck cannot escape its destiny in the place of architectural theory as a recollection of Venturi’s duck ..

Mimetic architecture ? ( what happened to that ?)

Was agreed that Swan+ Duck + Vaucansons shitting duck, or more politely Canard Digerateur offers a technically inspired architectural journey with a yearning by some for kinetic time based forms in a constant state of evolution , rather than forms that only mimic this is idea . Did Venturi ever go to Bavaria hard to believe he didn’t  For example on every floor of the castle there were toilets with automatic flushing system, a well serviced fantasy ? To be discussed .



Ride a white swan T.Rex

Committee agreed that the lyrics to this song are meaningless but the swan and the song are beautiful .. however it was noted that Lohengrin, a character in German Arthurian literature. a knight of the Holy Grail went in a boat pulled by swans to rescue a maiden who can never ask his identity. Research Question did Marc go to Bavaria ? Advise TFL of Heath Swans as zero carbon transport solution?


Gender issues ;

The exploitation of the swan by artists ,Rubens’s ‘Leda and the Swan’ declared inappropriate material for channel media studies.


Poor Swan to be so used , misused by monarchs , engineers , architects , poets , ballet dancers ,and in mythology called "Eala" in Scots Gaelic, "Eala" in Irish, "Alarch" in Welsh, "Alarc’h" in Breton, "Olla" in Manx and "Alargh" Cornish, just to mention a few

no wonder you can have such a bad temper , but nevertheless you are lucky .. it is illegal to kill you in many parts of the planet .

7. App. for next meeting tbc

Jet Greene - drawing

*additional paperwork: Mike Davies
Department of Swansport 
Swanassesment 94-3.

Collision Danger Alert.

The DES points out that although virtually all movement by Swansport is now automated-  in the now relatively small percentage of trips undertaken under manual guidance, considerable risk still exists.
SSP-1a  Collision Risk 

1     The DES has underlined that risk of collision exists when driving Swansport vehicles in urban areas under visual guidance.

There is a risk of impact with street furniture - and specifically with any form of vertical urban street furniture.
In order to mitigate the risk of collision, the Department of Swansport, TFL and SFL - Swansport for London stresses thst Rule 9a of the Swansport code must be followed when  driving urbaswansport in visual mode.

Rule 9a states specifically that the head and thorax swinging movement prescribed in the Swanway Code must be constantly applied when swanning - causing the drivers head to be moved laterally from side to side, allowing the driver to observe the full width of the Swanway ahead.
This procedure is essential when swanning -  as the neck of the Swanickle being driven, being vertical, can obscure any vertical street furniture - ie lamp post,  telegraph pole, signage or other street furniture.
The head and thorax movement of the drivers body proscribed under Rule 9a, ensures that any blind spot hidden by the swan neck in front of the driver is visually scanned and any hidden vertical object recognised and avoided.

 It should be noted that in Springtime Swanicles grow new feathers and in consequence, their necks may become an even greater visual obstruction in front of drivers than in other seasons.

The Department of Swansport remind all those Swanning around that the manual driving of Swanicles has inherent risks.

SwAlert 57