Tuesday 30 March 2021

AALAWuN BLANKpostcard AAmothership


BLANKpostcard: nothing

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Here is the Sam Jacob's text scanned from page B36 from his thoughtful contribution to LAWuN Project 19  (published in 2008 ( think ?)  , his piece was titled 'The Big Nothing , An Exit Strategy For Architecture ".. 


I also attach a scan of my notes for the nano- rant ,ad libbed ,on postcards, evidence of a confused mind !  . PLease note they were written on a template for the year book


Sunday 21 March 2021

AALAWuN postAuDIOcard07 AAmothership



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 with thanks to Simon Taylor, Efe Gole. Luisa Pires, Sally Stott, Simone Piccoli, Mariusz Stawiarski, Gregory Korcel, Syed Waji, Daniel Koruma, Ebere Nwosu, Leslaw Skrzypiec


Monday 15 March 2021

AALAWuN postAuDIOcard06 AAmothership

 postAuDIOcard06 AAmothership

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 with special thanks to Selina Zhang, 

Gianfrancesco Brivio Sforza, Sally Stott, 

Martynas Vinksna, Syed Waji, Lizzie Greene.......



Monday 1 March 2021

AALAWuN postAuDIOcard05

  just suppose juxtapose

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with special thanks to 

Golshid Varasteh Kia and Alice Baseain


Within this crudely drawn  rectangle . 3/4 mile X 1/2 mile are 4 schools of architecture and the RIBA .. a pretty dense concentration of idiocy ?the AA , the Bartlett, University of Westminster , Central St. Martins ( actually a Bit off the map ) and the RIBA ... not to mention the concentration of architectural offices in this rectangle .. if drawn p;properly could be a golden section ?  Tres Corbish ..  A DESIGN CAMPUS THAT IS ALL WITHIN 12MINS ON AN ELECTRIC SCOOTER ?