Thursday 29 April 2021

AALAWuN blankpostcard tothe Mothership



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 with thanks Zhuo Chen, Leo Sun. Sabrina Blakstad, Kai Peters, Sally Stott, Selina Zhang, Hariharasudhan Saminathan, Sophie Leigh, Ed Bottoms, Leszek Skrzypiec


   AALAWuN AGM (village people) photo by Kai Peters


By the way you thought that a fold was just a fold didn't you ..not for Deleuze 
He also interprets the world as a body of infinite folds that weave through compressed time and space.

So much for A sizes 







Tuesday 13 April 2021

AALAWuN postAuDIOcard010 AAmothership


random white/pink noise 


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Three audio postcards to the mothership from Australia , the Wilderness and Japan Professor Emeritus Sand Helsel. AA Diploma 1981, Invisible University Provost and Hiroaki Yamane Experimental 5



I’ve just realised I am sending you 3 mins of white noise. 

Didn’t occur to me at the time, but I find it amusing.       

 love Sand


Quarantina is Italian for forty , Forty days the period of lent , Forty days the time incoming ships to Venice used to have to quarantine . Apollo astronauts spent 21 days in quarantine on their return  to earth due to the fear of Moon Plague .Quarantine has its architectural legacy , the architecture of disease ? The Lazzaretto Vecchio in Venice , New York's North Brother Island Imprisonment ?   Apollo's trailer home ? Sme  like the Lazzaretto in Dubrovnik  have become Arts Complexes , a kind of  aesthetic quarantine ? Mostly now quarantine is  privatised in hotels with guards /.At last quarantine can now be seen as an industry .Architects , engineers , researchers , drug manufacturers can    Yet none of this can conceal the fear  of death . Moon Plague , Covid , ? 




Monday 5 April 2021

AALAWuN MINuSPLuS AAmothership


(london pastoral) 


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Wan Xuan Cheah is a student in Experimental 5, her postcard includes snippets from daily routines. Theo Spyropoulos of Minimaforms reads from Philip Roth ,American Pastoral ( The American Trilogy. #1) - a poetic reading; a reminder of the importance of getting it wrong.



LAWuN screen print an A1 Wan Xuan Cheah shadow location snapshot to the Roth rhythm . ... A process which reminds us of the virtues and possibilities of a lack of precision.