Wednesday 19 May 2021

AALAWuN aAproposition AAmothership


          with thanks to Luisa Pires, Hiroko Umezawa, Elizaveta Trofimova,

   Rada Stilianova, Alex and Boris Nikolov, Zhuo Chen, Leo Sun,

 Selina Zhang, Hariharasudhan Saminathan, Sophie Leigh, Leszek Skrzypiec


A design is in many aspects a complex proposition,
 a list of similar words to proposition provided by Oxford Languages Could be a description of the many aspects of the design process
Perhaps the AA should see the search for a way to negotiate the opportunities now provoked by new media and the forced dispersal of its population as design project , a project to redesign a new AA.
 Presently the discussions seem to concentrate on managerial matters , important as they are we suggest they should be in the service of an idea , an argument , a premise in this case a theory about the role and learning strategies in a post Zoom AI culture. 
Nothing should be excluded , everything should be questioned .


Friday 14 May 2021

AALAWuN paradise postpostcard lost&found AAmothership


 paradise postpostcard lost&found


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With thanks to Ed Bottoms ( AA Archives) Thank you Irenee Scalbert, actually recording on QuickTime player is really easy , has to be for the likes of me... But you could pen a few words and I could read them but regrettably not in your luxurious voice ... Lovely painting , didn't know you like cricket , Ed Bottoms is a great fan and quite a good player too…… Thank you Zhuo Chen, Leo Sun, Selina Zhang, Hariharasudhan Saminathan, Sophie Leigh, Leszek Skrzypiec, Luisa Pires, Hiroko Umezawa, Elizaveta Trofimova…….