Saturday 22 October 2016

LAWuN - FiefdomFandango


AA@Slade Breakfast Meeting


To do list for next meeting – 1pm Monday 24th Oct 2016

Rory: Place Card prototype for next meeting - (also has the most comprehensive list of email recipients)

Buster: Table layout – will work out ( maybe photograph) dimensions for next meeting

Josh P: Table Cloth design + Chalkboard.....
plates/cutlery x 3 printed images + text:
- Table Cloth One – Boiled
- Table Cloth Two – Fried
- Table Cloth Three – Scrambled

Josh H - Film streaming &Audio
We got AKG CGN98 condenser mics which are better than sm57 for speeches. The quality of YouTube is generally good. You can listen to one of the recent lectures on the AA's video page. If you wish you can have other recorders to supplement but in my view is not necessary.
In regard to mic for q&as, unfortunately we have to get people to hold their thought until a handheld mic reaches them. One more solution is to stick a shotgun / directional mic on a boom and get someone to swing it during question and answers. It might be too much of hassle but it's your best option for getting the best quality recording.
By what I'm reading you need two student assistant to help with the cameras. Is that right?

Laurence: Archive Photos + Film compilation
Menu notes for handout

Pete - Costume update

Stefan - Dance Updates

+ Gone to Lunch/out to lunch pause - candelabra- toast rack - mobile kitchen - Place mats  (foundation Saskia)- Wednesday advert filming - Mobile Kitchen - EGGS !

 Firetrucks eating their red English sausages, 2016, window default paint tool on
katsuhiro otomo's manga scene
I would also love to quote from Dali: ' in fact I only like to eat what has a
clear and intelligible form. I love eating suits of arms, in fact I love all
shell fish... food that only a battle to peel makes it vulnerable to the
conquest of our palate.'

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