Friday 2 March 2018

AALAWuN channel pavilion - AUDIOFOTO lists

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For David to read out -- 

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation Prepatory commission (CTBTO) has set up a series of monitoring stations across the planet since 1996.
Since 2017, 337 stations, - Hydro-Acoustic, Infrasound, Radio nuclide and seismic have been set up and are constantly ‘listening’ to our planet for unauthorised Nuclear tests by sovereign nations.
This is not so much a form of surveillance which comes from the french word surveiller meaning ‘to watch’ or ‘oversee’ but a new condition more akin to that of ‘monitoring’ which comes from the verb monere which is ‘to warn’, ‘admonish’, ‘remind’
The Hydro Acoustic and Infrasonic stations monitor the planet by listening to sub audible low energy sonic waves - essentially minute variations of air pressure which propagate over vast distances, sometimes traversing the planet several times over.
Instead of just recording Nuclear tests, which there have only been 5 of since the system began to be put into place, the sensors have been coming across a variety of phenomena including the ‘sound’ of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, underwater eruptions, meteors breaking up in the atmosphere, Glaciers breaking up and whale sounds.
We humans have increasingly outsourced, exteriorised or externalised our natural functions and organs in the form of technical tools - the sensors strewn across the globe, the networks that connect them and the data centres that coagulate and interpret the sounds of our planet, form an apparatus which is the collective externalisation of our ears.
The whole earth becomes a space for listening.
The data presented here is from the CTBTO, but has been sped up, frequencies changed and slowed down between 20 - 100 times to make the sound calibrate with our bandwidth of hearing.
The project here aims to render audible and bring into focus a complex dynamic both which is invisible but present all around us.
01 Sound recorded by CTBTO hydroacoustic monitoring station, 21 December 2006
02 Sound recorded by CTBTO infrasound monitoring station, 11 December 2005
03 Whale recorded by CTBTO hydroacoustic monitoring station, 2 June 2008
04 Whale recorded by CTBTO hydroacoustic monitoring station,14 July 2010
05 An earthquake recorded by CTBTO hydroacoustic monitoring station, 11 March 2011
06 An eruption recorded by CTBTO hydroacoustic monitoring station, 20 October 2010
07 North Korea Tests (06,09,13 and 16)
08 Chelyabinsk Meteor Event Feb 15 2013
The sounds will not be played in this order - We shall improvise the sound on the go. 

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