Monday 8 June 2020

AALAWuN tables

        LAWuNline look[INTO]myeyes[INFO]


photos of AA Library tables - Byron Blakeley 
film - Katharine Eastman and table 

eddit also available here BitChute
Thoughts from the invisible University

It was an unhappy day for the switch
When the mouse came along
And when the touch screen crept in it was
Curtains for both of them.
Or was it ?
A sad day for the fountain pen when the ballpoint came along
Was it ?
It was bad day for the tables when the laptop came along and the drawing became an image on a vertical screen
It was a terrible day when the virus and Zoom came along and emptied the tables .
Or was it ?
Un-tabling the assessment
The impossibility of looking into the eyes ,
An academic peepshow
And when AI, VR, AR come along will it be curtains for all of it .
Leaving no space for dreamers and slackers in any academic or non academic corner of the planet to avoid the evils
The over adherence to an ideology .
Zoom , here today , tomorrow we return to the tables ?
Or will we?
The tables are dead, long live the virtual table .


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  1. powerful words and thoughts thank you eddie and david - funky tune hehe! Love how you guys always manage to add humour in it all !!