Monday 5 October 2020

AALAWuN manifest02 AAmothership


eddit also available here on BitChute

with Roberta Jenkins, Oliver Long and Spike Chen 

 special thanks to Byron Blakeley for drawing and text:

        the brand new fun palace 

     thank you to all AA technical and security staff.

‘The New Fun Palace’

The Machines, good or bad, excepting every mind from which they draw their power supply, unknowingly from the human guests on recreation, pictured in Hawaiian shirts and shorts, holding the gaming chips in hand, excited among the flashing lights, which entice the players. The creaking wooden planks with the smell of salt water drifting with the corroding metal wires. They enter along the wooden pier into a circus of lights, a canopy of beeps, flashing colours, unveiling The Machines, layered in such a way to confuse The Inhabitants .The plan to enable access to as much from every mind, in order to make the new material for the ever expanding pier, as far into the sea as can be conceived by mechanical minds.

Designs for the ever expanding pier are compiled from the collected minds of the Inhabitants and correlated by The Machines. Using the corroding metal together they make new structures into the sea with no means to fight the rust, it is a pointless task with an inevitable end but possessive, a desire for growth without thought.

Each new Arcade possess new Machines that can drain different, specific minds in order to replenish itself and stay alive within the sea. So the Inhabitants drift along the piers becoming caught by The Machine most suitable.

So far it stretches 9.5 miles into the Sea with 31 different Arcades, with 3,453 Inhabitants, 24 Buffets, 22 Bars, 4 Hotels and no exits. The Inhabitants are kept, with Oxygen pumped through the air ways in a labyrinthine layout and laced with chemicals. The existence is that of a Cruise Ship, The Machines and surroundings indoctrinate, leaving you unaware of time, place, setting. Meshed into one great painting of illusion and colour.

As the pier columns erode, crumble and The Machines fall gently into the Sea, awakening the intoxicated Inhabitants. It reached too far, it slowly crumbles as the eroded wires and the ancient wood collapses. Colourful Banners drift into the sea and token chips are eaten by fish.

All that remains today is the entrance gate with the logo ‘The New Fun Palace’, with an old man fishing off the remnants of the pier, catching his dinner.

Byron Blakeley for L.A.W.u.N


AALAWuN 2020



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