Tuesday 17 November 2020

AALAWuN manifest08 AAmothership


 manifest08 AAmothership


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with thanks to Samy Hedin, Rozhana Azra, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Luisa Pires, Kacper Stawiarski, Ebere Nwosu, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Daniel Koruma, Yoav Carmon, Daria Nepop, Danya Gittler, Sabrina Blakstad, Gary Woodley, Syed Waji, Natalia Charogianni and Aretousa,
Ziyi Yaun (dip7), Charles Dib, Roman,Roman&Ting (dip9), Daphna (ex16 3rd year)


Dear Mothership, 

I have sent you a Leaf Letter…. and it should be on its way to you. I originally planned to send it via Postman Robin, as Little Grey Rabbit, Hare and Squirrel always do. But, not finding any good oak-leaves, I am using plane leaves, which seem too big and unwieldy for Postman Robin to deliver. So, as you can see, I put it in my high street post box. I trust the Royal Mail will deliver it to you safely?

Best wishes, Sabrina





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