Tuesday 13 April 2021

AALAWuN postAuDIOcard010 AAmothership


random white/pink noise 


eddit also available here on bitchute


Three audio postcards to the mothership from Australia , the Wilderness and Japan Professor Emeritus Sand Helsel. AA Diploma 1981, Invisible University Provost and Hiroaki Yamane Experimental 5



I’ve just realised I am sending you 3 mins of white noise. 

Didn’t occur to me at the time, but I find it amusing.       

 love Sand


Quarantina is Italian for forty , Forty days the period of lent , Forty days the time incoming ships to Venice used to have to quarantine . Apollo astronauts spent 21 days in quarantine on their return  to earth due to the fear of Moon Plague .Quarantine has its architectural legacy , the architecture of disease ? The Lazzaretto Vecchio in Venice , New York's North Brother Island Imprisonment ?   Apollo's trailer home ? Sme  like the Lazzaretto in Dubrovnik  have become Arts Complexes , a kind of  aesthetic quarantine ? Mostly now quarantine is  privatised in hotels with guards /.At last quarantine can now be seen as an industry .Architects , engineers , researchers , drug manufacturers can    Yet none of this can conceal the fear  of death . Moon Plague , Covid , ? 




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