Friday, 14 May 2021

AALAWuN paradise postpostcard lost&found AAmothership


 paradise postpostcard lost&found


eddit also available here on BitChute


With thanks to Ed Bottoms ( AA Archives) Thank you Irenee Scalbert, actually recording on QuickTime player is really easy , has to be for the likes of me... But you could pen a few words and I could read them but regrettably not in your luxurious voice ... Lovely painting , didn't know you like cricket , Ed Bottoms is a great fan and quite a good player too…… Thank you Zhuo Chen, Leo Sun, Selina Zhang, Hariharasudhan Saminathan, Sophie Leigh, Leszek Skrzypiec, Luisa Pires, Hiroko Umezawa, Elizaveta Trofimova…….





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