Wednesday 21 July 2021

AALAWuN rehearsedAGM17.07.2021



with thanks to Lucy Moroney, Luisa Pires, Rajwant Kaur Singh, Leszek Skrzypiec, Tamir Cohen Aharoni


Poor old George , lets hope there is a Teddy Heaven ... have you designed a tomb for him ? 

In a 1910 essay, Architecture, Loos wrote that "...only a very small part of architecture belongs to the realm of art: The tomb and the monument"... but Pallidio said that about 5oo years earlier ,   A Teddy monument  ? ...attached some teddies relaxing in Hackney ..... David Greene

I think his eulogy would read something like:

George has been beloved and carefully handled during his time....... Maybe his new configuration will open up a new london garden adventure.  I don't think he's quite ready for the tomb though. - Lucy Moroney



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