Wednesday 4 October 2017

AALAWuN - an appropriate place for a fire?

Dear A , we trust you have had time now to consider our suggestion for an AALAWuN page in the prospectus ,we would appreciate an update on the progress regarding our submission.
If there is more space we attach some further text which could augment the 'advert'.
Hope you had a good weekend .
B and C

Dear B,
Thanks for your note. What you sent is very interesting but wasn’t what I had asked for at all, and so the designers are trying to find a way to make the image work. The text you have just provided is actually what I asked for, and so now we will try to find a balance.
Best wishes,

Hello C , would like to send this to A.. but won't
Dear A , thank you for your comments but i think we have a different view of what the prospectus is for and the form it should take .. we assume it is to reflect and communicate the values and pedagogical strategies of the teaching staff at the AA to a potential student audience .. surely the purpose of good creative graphic design is to support the content .. the AA is a very rich and varied mix , one would presume that the concept for the prospectus should be able to include the varied demands of a demanding and individualistic body of staff . it is not the tutor's job to fit onto the print studio's rules ....

Craig Mitchell thank you for the photos

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