Sunday 22 October 2017

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my proposal for the walks.

They could be a great opportunity for the AA to engage more with the city where it lives and breathes.

I really do believe that the AA lacks on its connection with London, and maybe some people see it as one of its strengths, but I do believe that understanding the local context, engaging and working with it is one our responsibilities as thinkers/makers/designers/architects/urbanists / p e o p l e!
I really think it would be nice to kick off with a walk lead by a tutor, staff or colleague.

I have assembled a list of tutors that I know from the different parts of the school and can write emails to invite them. What do you think? And we could discuss more this friday?
We need to think when these walks could work - it could be Saturday morning? Or weekdays afternoon? Or weekdays morning before 10?

As weeks go by, we become busier and busier in school. I was thinking to kick off with the first walk in two weeks time, so we have time to make it visible to the school.

It would great to have a really strong image for these walks - physically and virtually!
It would be nice to document the walk and the building or whatever is being shown by the tutor/colleague and then publish a small zine after?
We could aim and have 4 walks for this term 1 and all could culminate with an open debate in january about its impact of these walks/ within the student body? There are 2 months until the end of term 1 which gives us 8 weeks to do these walks. I think if we already start next week planning it and pressing the green button, 4 walks is a decent number.

-which days?
-it has to be a free event - we will need small amount of money for printing posters - membership office usually do walks around the city but it is always ticketed
-a one hour walk - the meeting point could be the AA or another tube sta
-what are the conversations we would want to have in school? what themes to explore?
what themes would be interesting to explore? the city, buildings, high streets, health system, housing, education, museums/galleries, follies, archaeology, public/private spaces, media and technologies

I guess tutors/colleagues will be happy to do this for free?

I did speak with Shin about the walks and he said it would probably be more interesting from his perspective if we do a joint walk with let's say studios that share their sites in a certain geography of London. For example inter5 with dip11. I guess it will be nice to see tomorrow the list with all the units and where they base their sites in London too. Shin also mentioned it might be interesting to invite externals that do walks, he mentioned a stone tour exploring all the different stones of London etc.

I think I would much more enjoy if these walks would be walked by people that work and study at the AA. So here is the list I have assembled. I have also included admin and the director as David suggested. There is an extended list as I was thinking maybe it's a good way to check quickly who would like to walk these walks and also it's an easy way to make this initiative visible too.
Let me know what you think.

Miraj Ahmed
Pascal Babeau
Sabrina Blakstad
Valentin Bontjes van Beek
Edward Bottoms
Ryan Dillon
Shin Egashira
Julia Frazer
Samantha Hardingham
Ebere Nwosu
Ann-Sofi Rönnskog
Hiroe Shin Shigemitsu
Trystrem Smith
Manja van de Worp
Nuria Alvarez Lombardero
Ana Araujo
Charles Arsène-Henry
Pier Vittorio Aureli
Shumon Basar
Sue Barr
Mark Cousins
Kate Davies
Belinda Flaherty
Hugo Hinsley
Alex Kaiser
Konstantinos Kizis
Saskia Lewis
Kirstie Little
Antoni Malinowski
Simine Marine
Nina McCallion
Joel Newman
John Ng
John Palmesino
Anita Pfauntsch
Christopher Pierce
Sandra Simmonds
Aileen Smith
Theodore Spyropoulos
Manolis Stavrakakis
Antoine Vaxelaire
Carlos Villanueva Brandt

Open week is from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November and it would be great if one of the walks takes place then - I know quite a few units are away then but maybe I can trace which ones will be in London? So we know roughly that we can count on students.
I will bring tomorrow some examples for the visual identity of the walks.

                                                                          Andreea Visilcin ( Inter 10 )


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