Saturday 30 January 2021

AALAWuN POSTaUdioCARD01 AAmothership



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 with thanks to Rozhana Azra, Luisa Pires, Xiaoya

 He, Leo Sun, Ebere Nwosu, Daniel Koroma


As a mothership  AALAWuN is now an audio message board
Jan 27th. 2021    11.00 GMT London WC1
In a life of sliding like Hiro between the literal AA ,
and its Metaverse presence
Perhaps cups of coffee
Or finding yourself in your pajamas at a lecture, 
as part of an unseen audience 
can be a measure of time 
AALAWuN is fishing for transmissions
from far flung time zones    
To remind the bricks of the AA's buildings in GMT 
of these scattered lives of the mothership crew

my current top 5 songs I usually shake it all out too are (as of 26/01/2021)

1.Good As Hell by Lizzo  (great for dancing)
 2.Daylight by Joji 
3.I Lived by One Republic  
4.Heartless by The Weeknd
 (great for punching the faces of my demons)
 5.Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
walking with Luisa - 53177 Bonn Germany

Great to hear from you! I've had my sip of coffee and here recording my postcard to you while you are asleep. I have seen many friends posting about the snow in London, which I am incredibly jealous of. I really shouldn't complain too much about the sun here, but the snow is something that I will never get here in the southern part of China.

Working from home is not as bad. It is much more convenient. Although It is still not comparable to the AA, I do get to spend more time with my family and friends. The covid doesn't affect my city as much right now and hope to continue to stay this way. We are allowed to go out as much as we like, the trade-off is not being able to everyone's faces. I become the builder of my own worlds. and try to make my space more work-friendly and more configurable. By getting an automated desk, an A3 printer, a 3D printer, setting up a temporary photo studio and updating my book collections. 

I have used the fact that the sun does not indicate the start of the day anymore, and the night does not mean one could go to sleep. The everyday commune is replaced by a coffee ritual. The closest moment of me to the school is when the morning exercise song rang from the nearby high school. I would get out my pyjamas after midday for zoom meetings. I am better at multi-tasking, listening to recordings and doing my own thing. Living in two worlds with different parts of my body. The night-time is much more exciting, getting email and messages from London, having tutorials. Sometimes I even get to watch lectures in my night robe.

Hope you do not get bored by my mundane routine and looking forward to returning.

Love from Shenzhen China,

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