Sunday 7 February 2021

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wish you were here



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with thanks to Cong Ding, Ryan Darius, Byron Blakeley, Martynas Vinksna, Sandra Simmonds, Ebere Nwosu, Daniel Koroma, Leszek Skrzpiec........

...This is the post card as it were, I haven't mastered how to send mp3 as yet.
But what I would have said is this picture captures 2021 so far, the fog on my early morning walks through the park.  I just love the way it seems mystical or spooky as my little niece would say.
Songs there's a few but one just makes me laugh it's not well known
 it's Mademoiselle by Foxy.

                                      Sandra Simmonds, Finance Assistant Architectural Association

 beautiful poems of how a very mundane object 
can speak so much if we care to look and listen

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