Saturday 4 July 2020



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Our plan for July 25th will have three elements.

  1. A one minute video about where you are : prior to July 25th, participants will prepare a one minute video (or less!) to be screened at the start of our virtual encounter. 
  2. A pub quiz : LAWuN will put together questions, which, will be presented by Eddie’s expert quiz host friend. 
  3. An exquisite corpse : during the intervals of the quiz, each participant will draw a part of a building with the narrative guidance of LAWuN. Each drawing will be sent to pati who will compile them.

The films are introductions of who and where we are connecting with. The quiz hangs on to the structure of the exquisite corpse, which then has an afterlife post virtual encounter. Do we send the individual pieces for people to assemble across the world ? Or is each assembly sent to the participants throughout the course ? Who knows .

In any case it would be good to know how many participants there will be, and whether there needs to be teams for the quiz or not. 

David and Eddie, anything else you want to add ?



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