Thursday, 2 July 2020


                LAWuNline maxSECuRITY[inFO]prison


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Lock in
Lock up
Lock Down
Lock step
(Locks and Architecture see S.Gideon )
Does the virus makes us all prisoners ?
But this assumes it assumes we were not already prisoners
In and invisible prison .
A prisoner of love – bing crosby
Alone from night to night you'll find me
Too weak to break the chains that bind me
I need no shackles to remind me
I'm just a prisoner of love

For one command I stand and wait now
From one who's master of my fate now
I can't escape for it's too late now
I'm just a prisoner of love
There is a long history of architects designing prisons
and airports which process thousands of passengers/day through an endless series of instructional signs and a minimum of staff.
Robin Evans wrote with much insite on the building types
Prison and Hospital ..
The same kind of plans …
The panoptican ,
A very literal Spatial surveillance of illness and deviance
Consider the imaginary empty prisons of Pirenesi
Carceri d’invenzione
Consider open plan living , open plan prisons and hospitals
History ?
Consider Bentham’s sinister architectural plan ,the prisoner will never know whether or not he is being watched , his captor is invisible
Famliar ?
Piranesis’ prisoner could see and feel his chains and the oppressive architectural weight
Our internet chains are invisible , our virus chains are as invisible as the wind. Stuck in a World Wide WEB spider food
New technology continues its relentless journey of eraure of our
physical world . Life with a tracking tag, Checking in each day with G4S employees who are on zero hour contracts
Locked Down we can with build and manage a maximum security prison .
Build and manage a prison for ourselves .
Thanks but we are already prisoners
Locked down , locked up , locked in ? In lockstep with what?
Consider now the means of our escape !

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