Monday, 6 July 2020

AALAWuN pioneers



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Your Virtual Graduation,
In a kind of way all of you are graduating in absentia
Well not exactly ,your absence is physical yes .
But your presence is ,as is much in your culture, floating somewhere in the electronic nervous system that envelopes our planet , the world wide web,.in the form of a virtual graduation
So the congratulations that LAWuN sends all of you similarly swirl in this invisible cloak .
You are the inheritors of a ceremony that dates from the first universities in 12cent. Europe
A solemn ceremony that has globally transformed into a set of signs and rituals of dress and behaviour .A ceremony that was introduced only about 25 years ago at the AA , about the samne time as public access to the web .
You are pioneers ,
You are the first students at the AA to be awarded degrees
You are the first to experience a virtual graduation ceremony where your AA community of students is fragmented across distance and time .
Pioneers in new learning landscape ?
Pioneering thrust upon you as your analog studies were collapsed by a virus propelling you into your new reality of remoteness zoom and the rest .
Pioneers that may now perhaps consider all the years of hardwork leading up to this virtual graduation as an ticket to experience and discover the potential of a world of non-striving; a complement to your current imposed state of being .

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